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Website Design

Your website is your homebase in the digital world.  This is where you can educate your clents about the necessity of your product, showcase your expertise and sell your product.

Website Design

A stong and effective website is a foundational layer of your business.  Why? Because research has shown that many customers will not contact a business without checking out its site online.  While social media and other digital promotional tools are excellent at generating interest and building awareness, they should all be directed to a website in order to be truly effective. (Kaplan, 2020). Simply put, websites give businesses credibility.

We work with each client to ensure we build you a site which is tailored to your needs and works to showcase your business and make your online presence an effective marketing tool.


Creating a strong brand for your company makes the job of promoting your organization simpler for you and much more effective overall.

We can help you define your brand and refine your voice so the image you project is clear and concise.

Multimedia Production

-Multimedia is a broad term for combining multiple media formats. For example, whenever text, audio, still images, animation, video and interactivity are combined together, the result is multimedia.

The incorporation of multimedia has become more important than ever before. People are more apt to watch a video than read an article to absorb content; more apt to scan a website and look at the pictures, than read an article; more apt to stay engaged when a certain amount of interactivity is present than if everything is static.

We understand the importance of clearly communicating a message. We can create video, digital flip-books, interactive e-mails and utilize a myriad of digital tools to effectively translate your content.

Brand Development

Once a strong website is established, it is then necessary to direct people to it.  This can be done in many ways, but one of the most cost effective ways is through social media.

Logo Design

People like patterns and a logo is just that, a recognizable pattern.  It used to be that a person would have to see an advertisement about 4 times before considering to act on it.  Now, that ad or logo must be seen 12-16 times before any action is taken.

This is why the development of a strong logo is paramount.  It must be attention getting, yet must quickly and effectively translate the necessary information about your brand.  An outdated, washed up logo can actually do damage to the way your company is perceived.

We can work with you on logo conception and development or simply help you refine what you already have.  Once this is done, the logo can be used across many promotional devices: signage, business cards, invoices, ads, websites and social media.  The logo is key … it’s the identifying glue that holds together your promotional devices and makes your brand strong.

Content Strategy

Posting content regularly on social networks can demonstrate that you are an involved expert in your field.  It also creates avenues for other people in the community to find your business.  This kind of advertisement is organic and FREE.  This keeps your social media profiles updated and polished with minimal effort on your part.

However, it is very time consuming to collect content and post it.  We can help you with this by setting up a content calendar and populating it with informative articles which will release automatically on future dates.


Social Media Presence

Establishing a strong social media presence is a highly effective way for you to promote your business. Howver, there is a lot of strategic though involved in creating an effective campaign.

First you must determine which platforms will reach your desired clientele. Then figure out how to engage people effectively on those platforms. Posts featuring videos and photos, which relate to pain points, and link to deeper information nested in an article or on a website… help to grow your following and increase traffic to your website. 

We can help you identify the correct platforms for your target demographic, identify their pain points, and design content which will engage them. Then we watch the analytics, see what is effective, figure out why and actively work to create a strategy which is unique for your company.



Featured Work

Website Redesign

Cairn Building & Renovation

Cairn Builders, based in Brunswick, Maine does beautiful work.  Yet, no one knew.  A decade worth of photos of completed projects sat on a phone until they were finally collected, edited and put together into a cohesive and beautiful portfolio showcased on this website.  With a little organization and some editing work,  those photos became an incredible marketing tool for their company.


Website Design

Delaware Estuary Water Clarity Project

With multiple government reports, copious text and plenty of information to convey while still keeping the site inviting and user friendly, this site used photos, diagrams, video and animation to help educate yet not overwhelm the viewer.

Website Development

iBello Architects

With intricate renderings, videos, extensive large format blueprints, and a substantial amount of information to impart, this website required organization and simplification to be effective.  The result is a responsive, easily referenced site which highlights the owner’s expertise and experience.


Website Design

Region 10 Technical High School

This technical high school, based in Brunswick, Maine, wished to update its branding in order to increase student enrollment.  The project started with a logo redesign. Then the website was completely redesigned to accommodate the needs of students, faculty, parents and community. Videos to advertise the school and each course were created to provide a strong visual component.  Finally, an interactive flip-book for career paths and dynamic e-mails were created.  The result was successful as the school saw a 25% increase in enrollment within the same year.

My Process


First we need to clearly define the message you want to project with the marketing materials.  Then we need to figure our what elements are necessary to clearly translate this message, and how to organize them effectively. 


Next, I will present to you a sries of thumbnail sketches outlining how content will be organized.  This ensures that both of us are on the same page before I begin.


Then, with your feedback, I refine the plans and we review it once again.  Depending on the complexity of the work, defining, designing and refining can be done in the space of one meeting or over the space of several.


Finally, I build the site or establish the platforms.  Once complete, it is submitted for further refinement until both parties are satisfied witht the look, feel and functionality of the platform.

About Me

Hello! I’m Jean. I’ve Been Establishing Effective Brands for 21 Years

I have always been fascinated by effective communication. I studied English Literature at St. Lawrence Univeristy in New York.  Subsequent to that bachelor’s degree, I obtained a degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale.  Then I obtained my Webmaster’s Certification, and took many classes in multimedia and video creation. Since 2000, I have been working in the field.  Currently, I am furthering my understanding by obtaining my Master’s Degree in Communications with and emphasis in New Media from Southern New Hampshire University.  Working with businesses to help them establish a clear and effective web presence is my passion.  Feel free to reach out to me.  I look forward to working with you.

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“Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time”

– Elon Musk

I can’t recommend Jean Palmer-Smith highly enough for any graphic design or web page development work you might have. Jean is creative, resourceful, skilled, and results-driven.  Long story short, our enrollments increased by 25%, and we have record enrollments for next year. Logos? Check. Copy? Check. Simple-but-impactful to complex-and-rich graphic design? Check..”

John Stivers

Region 10 Technical High School

Jean is a thoroughly professional, solution-driven, creative digital media and marketing designer…  She created a campaign that resulted in immediate results, and laid the groundwork for future success. Jean is brilliant, I recommend her highly.

Helen Enriquez

Region 10 Technical High School

“My firm’s work originates online.  It was essential that we have a clean, elegantly designed site to house our portfolio and attract the right clientele. The site created by Jean Palmer substantially increased the number of leads who reached out to us.  I credit much of our recent success to her creative ability, diligence and attention to detail.  I recommend her highly.”

Ireno Bello

President, IBello Architects

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